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Contact: Ms. stella
+86 0755 27637348

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Workplace: shenzhen Number: 2
Salary: Effective time: -
Recruitment Unit: Shenzhen Rayin Trading Co., Ltd Contact:
TEL: 0755-81790758 Address:
Zip Code: 518108 E-Mail:
Updated: 2013-08-07
Responsibilities: 1. Follow up old customrs, fulfill customer orders and do after-sales service. Promote new products to customers and develop ODM project with old customers.

2. Develop new customers and new market through B2B platform and industry exihibition.

3. Other matters related with sales goods delivery.

1. Good english ability. Espcially the writing and oral ability.

2. Honesty.

3. Strong anti-pressure ability. Keep clam mind oftenly.

4. Working hard. Willing to learn and boost working skill and related knowledge.

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